Using Coelition, MyGymWorld.Club could give everyone access to professional, personalised exercise coaching.

MyGymWorld.Club is a service concept that promotes ways to achieve your exercise targets, without having to go to a gym.

The smart phone system uses information about location and lifestyle to make personalised recommendations about exercise options that fit how you live your life.

MyGymWorld.Club measures when and where you are most active encouraging you to more of these activities while identifying what you could change. It will make recommendations so that you can discover places and facilities close to where you work, live or travel.

The service can be extended with direct advice from professional coaches and data from wearables.


Eco System

Service Provider: MyGymWorld.Club

Operator: MyGymWorld.Club

Consumer: The individual running the app on their smart phone or tablet

Source of Atoms: Smart phone or tablet sensor interactions, location etc.

Technical Description

MyGymWorld.Club is both the Operator and Service Provider but the separation of roles helps to maintain boundaries between internal business and consumer facing functions. There will be one Operator registered for each type of app (iOS and Android). Consumers sign-in to a central server function to allow a fully interactive service.

Teen-Self-Esteem App

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Internet of Things

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Coelition will give us all peace of mind when using internet-connected products.

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Coelition can help individuals to identify how their behaviours impact themselves and society.

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