Why Coelition?

Coelition believes that digital data can be used to positively impact our individual lives, our communities and our wider society.

We are committed to understanding the aspirations and needs of millions of consumers in the new complex world of digital services and represent their interests with government, technology companies and service providers.  We place the citizen at the centre of our thinking and act as advocates for the needs of individual consumers and communities.


What does Coelition do?

  • Coelition helps organisations to provide responsible personal data services to individuals.
  • We provide our trust mark to organisations who comply with the rules and guidelines of the Coelition ecosystem.
  • These rules are created within a separate, open standards organisation (OASIS) and any compliance checks are conducted by independent auditors. The rules also regulate the services provided by Coelition.
  • The Coelition ecosystem has interoperability at its core. This provides data portability for consumers and a rich innovation environment for service providers.
  • Consumers have well defined rights as well as mechanisms to access all their data and to be forgotten. Coelition can assist in the auditing of forgotten consumers.
  • Coelition operates an Identity Authority (IDA) for the ecosystem. This service allocates unique identifiers for individuals and allows members to authenticate these transactions. No personal information is used in the IDA service or any other routine Coelition activity.



Coelition is a global, open standards organisation supporting the responsible use of behavioural data.

How it Works

The COEL standard separates directly identifying personal information (‘who you are’) and behavioural information (‘what you do’).

Case Studies

Trusted services with data protection built in. Understand what Coelition does & what it could do for your organisation.


Coelition membership gives businesses the insight they need to create new opportunities in data-based services.


Coelition provides our members with a trust mark for consumers and a ‘privacy by design’ standard for regulators.


These resources provide information on the background of Coelition and an overview of the COEL Standard.