Your data & Coelition

  1. The legal basis for the use of your data will be described to you.
    Coelition provides a framework under which the organisations are only permitted to process personal data in accordance with a stated legal basis. The ‘legal basis’ described here is also referred to as a ‘lawful basis’ for processing in data protection and privacy law.

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  2. You will know who is responsible for your personal data.
    You will always know exactly who is ultimately responsible for the use of your personal data. A Coelition privacy notice will always name the specific organisations who are responsible for the use of your personal data.

    Read full policy text here

  3. The type of personal data collected and the purposes for which they will be used will be clearly described to you.
    A Coelition privacy notice describes the type of personal data that will be collected and the purposes for which your personal data will be used.

    Read full policy text here

  4. You will know who your data will be shared with and those organisations will comply with these principles.
    Your personal data will only be shared with Coelition members and their associates in accordance with Coelition’s open standards and for the purposes for which the personal data were originally collected. Your consent will be needed if your personal data is to be sent outside the Coelition ecosystem unless the organisation is subject to applicable laws which expressly permit or require it to share the personal data with specified third parties without seeking your consent.

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  5. You will be able to access and control your personal data.
    You will have secure access to your personal data in a standardised format. You will have control over your personal data and will be able to update it. You will have a right to be forgotten and a right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data. All Coelition privacy notices inform you how you can exercise these rights and who to contact if you need to.

    Read full policy text here

  6. Your personal data will not be kept any longer than is necessary.
    Your personal data will not be kept for any longer than is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it was originally collected. A Coelition privacy notice will describe how long personal data will be held before it is reviewed or deleted.

    Read full policy text here

  7. Your personal data will always be processed and stored in a secure manner.
    Coelition open standards specify technical methods to protect personal information while it is being used. Pseudonymisation techniques will be used. Anonymisation techniques may be used once your personal data is no longer processed for the purposes, so that any data that is stored or archived no longer identifies you.

    Read full policy text here

If you have questions about the open standards that are used by Coelition, or want to talk to us about how one of our members is using your personal data, there is further information here and you can submit enquiries below.

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Coelition and its members are committed to providing you with exciting new services that respect your privacy.

We live in an amazing world of smart phones, apps, wearables and connected things.

Sharing detailed information about ourselves can give us exciting new ways to live and work together. But we need to trust the companies who can now see many of the little things that make us who we are.

Organisations with the Coelition mark will act responsibly with your data – they will be open and give you control.

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