Welcome to Coelition

Coelition is a global, non-profit organisation supporting the responsible use of personal data using open standards.

Coelition was formed to directly address the many concerns that consumers, citizens and business owners have around big data and privacy. We bring together civil and commercial law, technical rigor and global business reality with deep insight into consumer views and drivers.

We are an open membership organisation offering knowledge and resources to our members, associates and their consumers.

How it Works

The COEL standard separates directly identifying personal information (‘who you are’) and behavioural information (‘what you do’).

Why Coelition?

Coelition helps organisations to provide responsible personal data services to individuals.

Case Studies

Trusted services with data protection built in. Understand what Coelition does & what it could do for your organisation.


Coelition membership gives businesses the insight they need to create new opportunities in data-based services.


Coelition provides our members with a trust mark for consumers and a ‘privacy by design’ standard for regulators.


These resources provide information on the background of Coelition and an overview of the COEL Standard.