Data to Life

This book describes the background to Coelition and why it is needed to facilitate the enormous benefits new technologies can deliver, without creating an unacceptable level of intrusion for the individual.

It provided impetus for the early stages of Coelition and a public-domain focus to discuss the ideas on which Coelition is built.

We hope the book will be relevant to anyone with an interest in how we collect and process information about our daily lives, not just to those who go on to use the Coelition standard.  Equally, it should be completely possible for a developer to implement the standard without having read this text.

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Data to Life

More about Data to Life

Over the course of three years, we built a software engine that helped us to develop the insights contained in this book. This is the original engine on which the Coelition standard was modelled and it will become a blueprint for future versions. Our work established both the deep rationale behind the concept of an ‘atom of behaviour’ and the practical importance of the idea in real-world situations.

Throughout the project we have found certain principles indispensable in guiding our day-to-day decisions. We have brought these together as a manifesto at the end of the book in the belief that this provides a strong foundation for any work of this nature. Data to Life is both an explanation of the journey we made in creating Coelition and a call to action for those who want to unleash the benefits of personalised services while keeping personal privacy paramount.

Matt Reed & Joss Langford

2nd September 2013

COEL Standard

Coelition has driven the creation of the COEL Standard to provide interoperability, transparency and open access.

Visualising Life

Explore the visualisation of the Classisifcation of Everyday living that sits at the heart of the COEL standard.


These developer resources explain the sequence and details of the operations that are required to interact within the Coelition ecosystem.

Policy Repository

Coelition provides an open repository for members to post privacy policies for their services.

MyData Ecosystem

MyData defines a human-centric approach to data access and control that makes the individual the point of integration.