Coelition Privacy Policy Repository

This repository lists privacy policies published via the Coelition wesbite.

The Coelition Privacy Policy Viewer allows you to view any correctly formatted Coelition JSON privacy policy.
You may also view the standard Coelition privacy policy clauses.


COEL Standard

Coelition has driven the creation of the COEL Standard to provide interoperability, transparency and open access.

Visualising Life

Explore the visualisation of the Classisifcation of Everyday living that sits at the heart of the COEL standard.


These developer resources explain the sequence and details of the operations that are required to interact within the Coelition ecosystem.

Data to Life

This book describes the background to Coelition; it provided impetus for the early stages of Coelition.

MyData Ecosystem

MyData defines a human-centric approach to data access and control that makes the individual the point of integration.