Visualising Life

Digital technologies can help us to understand the complexities of our daily lives.

The Classification of Everyday Living is a holistic, hierarchical taxonomy that sits at the heart of the COEL Standard. This intuitive tool allows you to explore the machine readable data structures (JSON).

COEL Standard

Coelition has driven the creation of the COEL Standard to provide interoperability, transparency and open access.


These developer resources explain the sequence and details of the operations that are required to interact within the Coelition ecosystem.

Data to Life

This book describes the background to Coelition; it provided impetus for the early stages of Coelition.

Policy Repository

Coelition provides an open repository for members to post privacy policies for their services.

MyData Ecosystem

MyData defines a human-centric approach to data access and control that makes the individual the point of integration.