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Coelition membership gives businesses the insight they need to create new opportunities in data-based services.

The Coelition ecosystem provides a framework and support to businesses, to help them create services that are both data protection-compliant and trusted by consumers. Faster time to market, with less risk and less cost.

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Membership Benefits

Our members and independent advisors are excited by the value of Coelition in helping explain to consumers and data privacy regulators how behavioural data is collected, stored and used.  Membership benefits include:

  • Licence to use Coelition trademarks and icons in connection with services that use behavioural data
  • Access and rights to use Coelition promotional materials
  • Access to knowledge bank containing practice notes, guidance and advice
  • Access to and use of Identity Authority (IDA)
  • Opportunities to participate in group discussions with representation to regulatory and government bodies
  • Rights to display accreditations and certificates relating the correct and proper use of the standard

Membership Levels

Commercial Non-profit
(academic institutions, not-for-profits, charities & Government organisations)
(Businesses with less than 250 employees and with turnover less than €50M)
£2000 £1,000
Single jurisdiction large organisation £10,000 £5,000
Global large organisation £20,000 £10,000

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Coelition is a global, open standards organisation supporting the responsible use of behavioural data.

How it Works

The COEL standard separates directly identifying personal information (‘who you are’) and behavioural information (‘what you do’).

Why Coelition?

Coelition helps organisations to provide responsible personal data services to individuals.

Case Studies

Trusted services with data protection built in. Understand what Coelition does & what it could do for your organisation.


Coelition provides our members with a trust mark for consumers and a ‘privacy by design’ standard for regulators.


These resources provide information on the background of Coelition and an overview of the COEL Standard.