J.M Bond & Partners

Coelition will give us all peace of mind when using internet-connected products.

J.M Bond & Partners is a hypothetical trusted department store with a strong home electrical offering. Their customers rely on them for low-jargon access to the latest technologies.

Their Smart Home Programme allows ordinary consumers to make use of the benefits of emerging internet-connected products without needing technical skills or worrying about security (hacking of the home through appliances).

The programme extends the J.M Bond & Partners brand into the home where it can provide additional, valued services based on their unique understanding of the individual’s use of products - from energy saving to home security or seasonal offers.

J.M Bond & Partners

Eco System

Service Provider: J.M Bond

Operator: J.M Bond

Consumer: Home owner / household

Source of Atoms: IoT devices via home WiFi

Technical Description

J.M Bond sells IoT devices (for example home temperature sensors or WiFi controllable plugs) which have been pre-programmed with DeviceIDs by the Hardware Developer for their chosen Data Engine. The home owner buys the products, they then register themselves and the devices with the J.M Bond customer service website. Each device can now send data directly to the Data Engine using its IPV6 WiFi connection. J.M Bond can provide a wide range of services to the homeowner through their customer account. If multiple members of the household have accounts then shared household data will accrue to all the individual accounts.

Teen-Self-Esteem App

Coelition would help the Teen-Self-Esteem App to collect real time information about social issues.

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Interactive App


Using Coelition, MyGymWorld.Club could give everyone access to professional, personalised exercise coaching.

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Activinsights is using Coelition to help us care for the elderly and reduce the burden of disease.

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MiBank Direct PLC

Coelition can help individuals to identify how their behaviours impact themselves and society.

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