Coelition Service Purposes & Data Types

Service Purposes

Purpose Description
1 – Core Function Enabling us to carry out the core functions of our site/app/services.
2 – Contracted Service Providing contracted or requested services to you.
3 – Delivery Delivering physical goods to you.
4 – Contact Requested Communicating with you about information or services you specifically request.
5 – Personalized Experience Providing you with a personalized experience of our site/app/service.
6 – Marketing Communicating with you about our other services you may be interested in.
7 – Marketing Third Parties Communicating with you about the services of third parties you may be interested in.
8 – Sharing for Delivery Providing the information to third parties to deliver our services on our behalf.
9 – Sharing for Marketing Providing the information to third parties to enable them to communicate with you about their own services you may be interested in.
10 – 3rd Party Sharing for Core Function Providing the information to third parties to enable them to deliver or improve their own services to you.
11 – 3rd Party Sharing to Improve Performance Providing the information to third parties to enable them to deliver or improve their own services to others.
12 – Legally Required Data Retention Complying with our legal obligations for record keeping.
13 – Required by Law Enforcement or Government Complying with our legal obligations to provide the information to law enforcement or other regulatory/government bodies.
14 – Protecting Your Health Protecting your vital and health interests.
15 – Protecting Our Interests Protecting our legitimate interests, yours or those of a third party.
16 – Improve Performance Measure or improve our performance or the delivery of our services.


Data Types

Data Type Description
1 – Biographical General information – name, DOB, family info, marital status, historical data, educational achievement and general employment history.
2 – Contact Contact information – address, email, telephone number, etc.
3 – Biometric Biometric information– photos, fingerprints, DNA, general physical characteristics (height, weight, hair colour, etc.) and racial/ethnic origin or identification
4 – Social Contact Communications and social information – email, messages, phone records (both content and metadata), social media and friends/contacts data.
5 – Network/Service Network and service information – login IDs, usernames, passwords, server log data, IP addresses and cookie-type identifiers.
6 – Health Health – ailments, treatments, doctors information and medical scan/diagnostics data.
7 – Financial Financial – bank account, credit card data, income/tax records, financial assets/liabilities and purchase/sale of assets history.
8 – Official ID Official/government identifiers – national insurance, benefit identifiers, ID card, social security, passport and driving license numbers (just the numbers rather than data associated with them).
9 – Social Benefit Data Social services/welfare information – welfare and benefits status and history.
10 – Judicial Data Judicial information – criminal and police records, including traffic offenses.
11 – Asset Data Property/asset – identifiers of property, license plate numbers, MAC addresses for mobiles and other device identifiers (not financial assets but include digital assets such as eBook and digital music data).
12 – HR Data Human resources information – job title, attendance/disciplinary records, salary, records held about employment not elsewhere defined.
13 – Mental Health Psychological/attitudinal information– religious, political beliefs, sexual orientation/identity, traits and personality measures/assessments.
14 – Membership Membership information – political, trade union affiliations and any other opt-in organizational/group membership data.
15 – Behavioral Behavioral information – behavior, habits or movements of an individual, location, browser/search history, web page usage, IoT outputs, login history, calendar data, etc.
16 – Profiling Profile – marketing, social and other segmentation data.


Note: This generator uses the current version of the Coelition Privacy Policy & Policy Clauses templates, together with the Kantara Consent Record template. Version numbers for these templates can be found in your generated policy JSON.